About "The Manic Hispanic"

James Rivas
Manic Hispanic


Radio isn't just a hobby it's in my blood...

Being up on stage doesn't scare me,its what makes me come alive..

This is the best way to describe me and who I really am..in my family there are 6 kids 3 boys and 3 girls, we are the Latino Brady Bunch..I'm peter..

Doing radio for over 30 years has given me a chance to work in different cities thru out the southwest. Now I am living back home in Phoenix ,Arizona where I have created a show called Cruising with the Manic Hispanic, this show is all about taking you down memory lane with the music we cruised the boulevard too. Dedications and music features are also a big part of the show,

You can listen to past shows at www.manichispanic.biz .

I am proud to say that I am the voice and Event Director of Motorsport Showcase ..where we create car shows and concerts. Music ,custom cars & bikes and fun is where I like to hang out at.